Who we are

An international organization of hundreds of scientists, industry experts and researchers fostering the creation of knowledge, technology, and healthy plant-based products.

People in Academia and Industry from the fields of horticulture, botany, agronomy, phytochemistry, pharmacy, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical technology, cosmetology, quality control, and marketing. People from regulatory authorities in law, standard and rule enforcement authorities.

Members of the Society believe that cosmetic products can be a tool relating to beauty and health, products of no-harm approaches in all phases of innovation, production, and consumption.

What we do

The fundamental responsibility of a scientific society shall be built and maintained based on the respect to social, ethical and cultural values in all scientific endeavors. The International Society for Phytocosmetic Science (ISPS) advocates for the improvement of quality of plant-based products based on scientifically proven data, dissemination of scientific knowledge and encouragement of the multidisciplinary integrated scientific discoveries, and principles ethical and sustainable practices in research, production, and marketing. 

Since its inception, the Society has embraced, assembled and stimulated the exchange of scientific information among scientists in academic institutions and research centers, and industry experts in the formulation, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing.

The services provided by the Society consist of event production, publishing scholarly authored articles after peer review, and creating effective multinational collaborations among generations of scientists from various fields of expertise related to natural plant-based merchandises such as phytocosmetics and personal care products.

ISPS considers productive and informed networking among scientists in research, production, evaluation, and regulation an essential element of securing success for all involved parties and consumers of goods.

Our global presence

IPPC events are the continuation of a global collaboration of industry and academia delivering a platform of knowledge and trust between all participants, their products and consumers.