Duration: 09:00 thru 13:00

Third Day

November 29th

Full Program

Time Session Title of Presentation Presenter Country


[100 minutes]

Aromatherapy Workshop [Paid registration required]:

Introdution to Aromatherapy: a natural medical science

Yann-Olivier Hay (Ecociencia) Colombia
09:00 Analytical Techniques Announcements Teixeira, Janayra Brazil
09:05 Metabolomics in phytocosmetics development Takano, Felipe (Natura) Brazil
09:35 Bio- & Nanotechnology: from cell culture to immunoassays supported by biophysical characterization

Barreto, Geisi (Pensabio)

Sponsored lecture

10:10 Q&A
10:15 IJPNI Free Publishing Workshop
10:30 Coffee Break

Session 4.0:

Innovation & Sustainability

Moderator:  Barreto, Geisi (ISPS)
11:05 Industry and health 4.0: present and future Oliveira, Nadja (Parque Tecnológico Paraíba) Brazil
11:30 Innovator entrepreneurship with nanotechnology Berti, Leandro (Brasil Nano) Brazil
11:50 The citizen as a leader of building a sustainable future Andrade, Marcos (ARIES) Brazil
12:10 Q&A
12:20 IPPC2020 and Award Ceremony:  Scientific Committee

Field Trip – Botanical Garden

[Tickets are sold at the Registration desk | A limited number is available | Lunchbox will be offered for the trip participants]

27 November

28 November

29 Novembro