Time Session TitleTitle of PresentationPresenterCountry
9:30Analytical techniquesAnnouncementsGhaemghami, Jalal & Teixeira, JanayraBrazil
09:30Scientific evidences of phytotherapy practice in oncology: from prescription to treatmentAPFITBrazil
10:00Phytochemical constituents and antioxidant activity of mangrove species from Guatemalan Pacific slopeCruz, Sully (USCA)Guatemala
10:30Factors affecting the essential oil content and composition in aromatic cropsDudai, Nativ (Newe Ya’ar Research Center)Israel
11:00Metabolomics in phytocosmetics developmentTakano, Felipe (Natura)Brazil
11:30Bio & Nano-technology: from cell culture to immunoassays supported by biophysical characterizationBarreto, Geisi (Pensabio)Brazil
13:30Session 4.0AnnouncementsFerrarini, MarianaBrazil
13:30Moderator: Barreto, Geisi
14:00Industry and health 4.0: present and futureOliveira, NadjaBrazil
14:30Innovative entrepreneurship with nanotechnologyBerti, Leandro (Brasil Nano)Brazil
15:00The citizen as a protagonist in building a sustainable futureAndrade, Marcos (ARIES)Brazil
15:30Closing LectureFevillea trilobata: science, innovation, and sustainability Costa, Iguatemi (Natura)Brazil
16:15Closing ceremony and Armando Cáceres Award