Time Session TitleTitle of PresentationPresenterCountry
08:30PhytotherapyPhytotherapy Workshop [Paid registration required; 75 minutes] Niraldo PaulinoBrazil
10:00Announcements Ghaemghami, Jalal & Nunes, FelipeBrazil
10:00Gastroprotective activity of Encholirium spectabile: a literature reviewGarcía SuárezBrazil
10:30Phytotherapy and Obesity: news and scientific evidencesAPFitBrazil
11:00Prebiotic potential of polyphenols, its effect on gut microbiota and clinical markers or anthropometric variablesPalanisamy, Uma (Monash University)Malaysia
11:30Fruits and new perspective on ImunonutritionTeixeira, Janayra (USP)Brazil
13:30Practices SustainableAnnouncementsTakano, FelipeBrazil
13:30Application of coffee-by products in phytocosmetic industryCáceres, Armando (USCA)Guatemala
14:15Update on Colombian regulations and programs to promote bio-economy Castro, Juan (ANDI)Colombia
15:00Industrial applications for biomass residueNeto, Jorge (ISI Biomass Senai)Brazil
15:30Roundtable: Alternative ingredient resources and practices in phytotherapyCáceres, Armando (USCA);
Gava Mazzola, Priscila (UNICAMP);
Ghaemghami, Jalal (ISPS), Niraldo Paulino
16:00Poster session and coffee break
17:00Product NaturalDelimitation of legal basic unit of species as an obstruction to trade in natural productsHernández, Pilar
(Dirección Nacional de Medicamentos)
17:20Plant-based insect repellents: the case of the Palo Santo fruit from EcuadorOjeda-Riascos,
(Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja)
17:40Analysis of the scientific literature based on the medicinal use of the species Cereus jamacaru DC (Cactaceae)SuárezBrazil
15:00Aromatherapy Workshop [Paid registration required; 100 minutes] Yann- Olivier Hay, Colombia