Duration: 10:00 thru 18:00

Second Day

November 28th

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[75 minutes]

Phytotherapy Workshop [Paid registration required]:

Integrative Clinical Phytotherapy Medicine of the 21st century

Paulino, Niraldo (Medical Lex Ltda)Brazil
10:00PhytotherapyAnnouncementsNunes, Felipe (USP)Brazil
10:05Fruits and a new perspective on Immuno-nutritionTeixeira, Janayra (USP)Brazil
10:30Phytotherapy and Weight Loss: news and scientific evidenceCamargo, Sula (APFit)Brazil
11:00Prebiotic potential of polyphenols, its effect on gut microbiota and clinical markers or anthropometric variablesPalanisamy, Uma (Monash University)Malaysia
11:35Gastroprotective activity of Encholirium spectabile: a literature reviewSuárez, Jorge García (UFAL)Brazil
11:55Analysis of the scientific literature based on the medicinal the use of the species Cereus jamacaru DC (Cactaceae)Suárez, Jorge García (UFAL)Brazil
12:25Young Scholar Global CommitteeCosta, Iguatemi (Natura); Nunes, Felipe (IPEC-ISPS); Ghaemghami, Jalal (IPEC-ISPS)
12:40Lunch (on behalf of the participant)
13:30PhytocosmeticsAnnouncementsTakano, Felipe (Natura)Brazil
13:35Stability study of skin and hair cleansing phytocosmetic formulations containing cocoa liquor as an innovative cosmetic ingredientGiovanna Bonfante Borini (UNINOVE)Brazil
14:00Fevillea trilobata: science, innovation, and sustainabilityCosta, Iguatemi (Natura)
Keynote Speaker
15:00Round TableAlternative ingredient resources and practicesCáceres, Armando (USCA); Gava Mazzola, Priscila (UNICAMP); Ghaemghami, Jalal (ISPS), Paulino, Niraldo (Medical Lex Ltda); Yann-Olivier Hay (Colombia)
15:30Poster session [E -Z] * and coffee break
16:30Natural ProductsIndustrial applications for biomass residueNeto, Jorge (ISI Biomass – Senai)Brazil
17:00Nano emulsion preparation of Cannabis sativa by microfluidization from Microfluidics

Vitalis, Wagner (Altmann S.A.)

Sponsored lecture

17:20Phytochemical constituents and antioxidant activity of mangrove species from Guatemalan Pacific slopeCruz, Sully (USCA)Guatemala

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28 November
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