Integrative Clinical Phytotherapy
Medicine of the 21st Century


Niraldo Paulino

Medlex | Brazil

Workshop II

Thursday, 28 November 2019

08:30 – 10:00


Learn about the integrative approach of medicinal plants.


Clinical Phytotherapy establishes as a concept the use of medicinal plants or their derivatives within botanical, chemical, pharmacological and clinical validation, respecting the pharmaceutical form, dose, dosage, efficacy and safety in the use of this therapeutic resource and its biologically active markers. The integrative term in health represents the new multisystemic and transdisciplinary view of medicine of the 21st century and enables the integral treatment of the human being, including spirit, mind, and body, and the perception of the systemic interrelation and functionality of the different elements of its physiology, including the endocrine system, immune system and the nervous system. In this modality, the treatment is not only symptomatic but integrates the concepts of health maintenance and prevention of the origins of diseases directing the body to the adaptive physiological reactivity.


1. Systemic and integrative approach of medicinal plants using phytotherapic repertorization as an instrument for the selection of the best medicinal plant after anamnestic integrative evaluation of the patient.

2. Examples of therapeutic procedures through clinical cases commented and repertorized with the best options of medicinal plants.

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